4 Reasons Why You'll Love Amsterdam

Amsterdam is definitely one of those cities that you HAVE to visit, but what makes it so dope? We put together a list of 4 reasons why we love Amsterdam, and why you will too.

Summer festivals

Amsterdam has over 300 festivals in the summer which means on average, there’s about 2 - 3 festivals going on at the same time. They range from art, to food, to music of all different kinds and Genres. No matter what you're into, you can bet that there's a festival for you. Add on the fact that the sun can stay up to 11pm in the months makes it one of the best summer experiences you’ll ever have.

The music scene

Literally everyone comes here. And by everyone, we mean Beyonce! All jokes aside, the music scene in Amsterdam is always on point. Promoters usually get artists right before they go mainstream, which means ticket prices are much cheaper here. You can easily plan a trip around one of your favorite artists to enjoy the city and great music at the same time

Vibrant Black Culture

If you venture out bit east, you might be surprised to find a vibrant Caribbean and African community. If you visit in the summer, you might even forget you're in Amsterdam. This is the part of the city they never told you about.

From food, to music, to community, the black culture in Amsterdam is very much alive. Their culture is becoming a lot more visible to savvy traveler, mostly because of the high pace of gentrification in the city. Amsterdam Oost (Amsterdam East) is now the new Brooklyn. Years ago, tourists would be warned not to go to the east, because of how dangerous it is (side note, Amsterdam is literally one of the safest cities in the world).

Picture perfect views

Literally every street in Amsterdam is a photo op. Canal shots are amazing but there’s also Vondelpark, Albert Cuypmarkt, and The Javastraat which are really diverse, cultural areas to visit, and even better for pictures. You probably won't even realize you're in Amsterdam If you want to slay for the gram, make sure you visit these spots with your camera.


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