Yes, There Are Black People in Amsterdam.

Even a savvy tourist will find themselves walking around Dam square, brunching in De Pijp, or checking out the Red Light District. Guaranteed won't find much black culture in any of these areas. But if you venture out bit east, you might be surprised to find a vibrant Caribbean and African community. If you visit in the summer, you might even forget you're in Amsterdam. This is the part of the city they never told you about.

From food, to music, to community, the black culture in Amsterdam is very much alive. Their culture is becoming a lot more visible to savvy traveler, mostly because of the high pace of gentrification in the city. Amsterdam Oost (Amsterdam East) is now the new Brooklyn. Years ago, tourists would be warned not to go to the east, because of how dangerous it is (side note, Amsterdam is literally one of the safest cities in the world).

Keti Koti Festival, Amsterdam Oost

The next time you visit Amsterdam, we hope you'll get the chance to venture over to the east side, to experience local black culture first hand. Hurry, before it dissapears completely.

Oost has now become the new hotspot in the city to local hipsters. the 'vibrant' and 'diverse' neighbourhoods are also changing because of the appeal. Housing prices are rising, local markets are closing. We're seeing less roti + salt fish for sale, and more croissants + coffee.

So what will happen to the local black community and other people of colour? Typically what happens everywhere. Pushed further east, and be forced to create yet another vibrant community. One thing that's certain about us is we can always create something out of nothing. Too bad we need to keep doing it over and over again.


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