Want something

more personal than

online resources?


Do you want someone to walk you through?  


eConsullting gives personalized one on one time to help you

build the dream you want.  we’ll curate a personalized

3 month plan to help you get where you want.



We’ll provide a resource package that includes:









You will receive beneficial advice from Take Flight's founder

who has been living abroad for over 11 years in 5 different

countries and 3 different continents. Who furthermore, has built 

various connections all over the world to gather and share

accurate information to current and future expats.


eConsulting will prepare you for:



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  • List of 5 countries and high level information based on your preferences or  detailed information on your country of choice.

  • Information on employment, housing, visa, and the expat community, which will be based on your unique situation.

  • 3 month roadmap which includes everything you’d need to do to prepare for your move.

  • free access to all resources related to your unique situation.

  • One hour Skype session with the founder

  • Detailed questionnaire before session 

Upon Payment you’ll receive an email with information and a link to the form. 

In addition to how to prepare for the session.

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